Sunday, March 30, 2008

Gold and the NEW Black Market.

Jude Wanniski was reportedly Ronald Reagan's personal economic hero. Quite simply, Wanniski explained that when taxes go to high, a black market emerges for goods; services and labor. This deprives the government of even more taxes revenue. He argued that, with the lowering of taxes, the incentives of going around the system would be "minimal" and the government would actually collect more revenues as businesses and labor become more competative.

The reality of a "black market" existing at all, beneath the all watchful eye of "Big Brother" is a threat to the globalists that want to bring about one world government and financial systems. They believe that, untraceable cash is what allows "the black market" to exist in the first place. Their goal is to bring about a "cashless" society where every transaction can be accounted for and every sales or purchase monitored.

Thus, we have the invention of the "debit card" and more recently, "the Verichip". The veri (Latin for Truth) chip will be implanted directly under the skin of the individual and will be read with a scanner the same way bar-codes are.

Ideally, each individual would have a certain amount of credits added to their "chip" electronically by an employer, which they would then use to buy goods and services...all under the watchful eye of the Global Government.

After Katrina victims were given a debit card and spent the money on gambling, alcohol etc.,, it would be easy to implement this system during the next national disaster. Or, in the name of preventing "domestic terrorism". The real use would be far more sinister and allow politicians to literally "starve" or imprison political dissidents based on what they purchase with their credits.

Common items like "fertilizer" could be used to accuse someone of making a "terrorist" bomb. Peaches (Peach pits) could be used to accuse someone of manufacturing poison gas to be used against the public.

But, as history will attest, the "political resistance" will not just go away. Instead, it will go underground. Thus, gold and silver, a natural medium of exchange, will become increasingly valuable for those that want to "opt out" of what many are calling, "The Mark of the Beast".